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Belvivere is a unique project that brings together artisans and small manufacturers of fine linens in Italy to develop, with the expert advice of US business partners, a factory direct distribution system.


If you have purchased in stores or ordered custom made linens in the past, chances are you paid too much.


It is not at all uncommon for your order to pass through as many as three or four middlemen before it reaches the actual manufacturer in Italy. These middlemen are considered ‘normal’ and have become an accepted part of doing business.


Middlemen can range from retailers, sales agents, wholesalers, import agencies, foreign trade agents, factory sourcing agents in the foreign country, and then finally the factory’s own sales associate.


And of course, every step along the way, a middleman makes off with a portion of the profits, passing the costs along to you.

Retail price

The internet is a gigantic marketplace that enables people and businesses to connect directly and has offered the opportunity to sidestep all the useless intermediaries like distributors, retailers and sales reps.


Belvivere connects you directly to the manufacturer in Italy, cuts out the unnecessary middlemen and passes all the savings back to you:

That means more value for your money!

Buy direct luxury linens and save up to 60% off retail price

Naturally, it should come as no surprise that these middlemen are entirely unnecessary… and we have proven that through our experience as the only factory direct Luxury Linens source on the Internet.


Here are the main benefits you enjoy from ordering directly from the factory source:



Unbeatable Pricing – With fewer middlemen claiming profits on each sale, you save a tremendous amount of money… as much as a 55% off retail price.


More Accurate Orders - With all those middlemen, placing a custom order can resemble a game of ‘Telephone’. It’s likely your order’s details will be completely mixed up by the time it finally reaches the factory. Placing an order with a factory direct source means far fewer mistakes... and a much more impressive final product.


Better Customer Service - When you have access to customer support directly from the people involved in the production of your order, you can expect a much better service.


Faster Customer Service - Likewise, when you do not have to wait for your question to go through four people to reach the factory, you get a much faster response. Imagine receiving your 'order status updates' within seconds.


Better Accountability – With a straight forward dispute resolution process you can open any complaint directly with the manufacturer. Save yourself from delays and finger-pointing as your complaint makes its way through several middlemen.


More Reliable Ship Dates – Free from the constraints of extra bureaucracy and miscommunication, a factory direct source can give you a precise ship date, down to the hour of the day that you will recieve your order.


Product Knowledge – Chances are most non-factory direct sources have never even spoken to the factory itself. A factory direct source is involved in the production process and knows precisely what is going on… which means better, more helpful, and more knowledgeable service for you when you need it the most.


If you have been looking for a way to finally enjoy the benefits of a factory-direct source, then here it is !


Belvivere is the only factory direct luxury linens source on the internet!




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